Summer Reading FAQs

Dive into the Lexington County Public Library Tails and Tales Summer Reading @ your library! Join today and explore a world of stories all summer long.

Who can participate?

Everyone —children, teens and adults. 

Why the big push to register and log activities online?

We hope you'll find it easier and more accessible, but it also helps to provide us with statistics. You can register and log activities on a computer, smartphone or tablet. You can even register online at the library. If you're the type who likes to check off boxes, then grab an activity card at your local library branch or download it using the links below. Technology challenged? We're happy to help — give us a call or email us at

For quick and easy logging try downloading the READsquared app from iTunes or the Google Play Store.

 PaperActivity Log — You can also print a paper activity log for children or for adults:

How do I create a family account?

First, from the registration page select "Myself and Children.” You will enter your age and select the adult program. You will then be asked for the parent account information including creating username and password. Next, you will enter the age of the child, you will select the Youth Summer Reading Program, and then enter the information for that child. You will then select “Continue” to add more children or select "Done Adding Children.” You can also add members from your homepage by clicking My Account. At the bottom, choose Add Child Account. Enter the child’s information and click Submit. To manage these accounts, click Family Accounts. A quick note — family members can have the same password but need different usernames.

Where can I find my children’s accounts?

After you’ve registered and added children under your profile, you can find them under Account, Family Accounts. Here you’ll find a list of usernames associated with your account.

What about group accounts?

If you would like to register a group, like a childcare center, choose My Group after clicking the Register button.

Can I register and log activities using a smartphone or tablet?

Sure — we're mobile. For quick and easy logging try downloading the READsquared app from iTunes or the Google Play Store.

Why do you need my phone number or email address for registration?

Your privacy is important to us, and we will not share any personal information collected. We do need information for statistical reasons and patron identification. For example, we might give you a call to say that you won a raffle prize or email you about an upcoming program. Don't worry — we promise not to bombard you with calls or emails.

When does the reading period start and end?

To be fair to everyone, we only count activities completed between June 1 and August 8.

Is there a limit to the number of activities I can log?

The only limit is the total number of points needed to complete the Summer Reading program.

I accidentally logged too many activities — what should I do?

No worries. You can click on the"?" at the bottom of the page and let us know or you can email us at We'll take care of it for you and send a message when it's done.

How do I score points?

The more points you earn, the more badges and games you unlock. For the 2021 Summer Reading Program — one activity equals one point.

How many points do I need to score a prize?

2021 Summer Reading Program participants will be eligible to pick up their prizes from the branch they are registered with upon completing 5 challenges. Prizes can be picked up between June 14 and August 31.

What are the prizes?

Youth summer reading prizes may include items such as a bookmark, a book, and a South Carolina Reading medal. Prizes are based on availability and may vary by branch. 


Adults who complete at least five challenges can pick up a prize from their local library branch while supplies last.


Participants of all ages who complete five or more challenges will also be eligible for our grand prize drawing the last week of August. The more challenges you complete, the greater your chances of winning our grand prize. 

The kids are already screaming, “I’m bored” —do you have programs planned for summer?

Oh, yeah! Enjoy virtual programs —storytimes, book talks, and virtual field trips to the SC Aquarium and Riverbanks Zoo plus much, much more! For more information, visit

I forgot my password — what should I do?

If you included an email address when you registered, go to the login page and click on Get it by email. If you did not register using an email, shoot us a request at and we'll add the address to your account.

Wait, I still have questions...

Don't stress — we're here to help. When logged in, you can click on the "?"icon at the bottom of the page and send us a message. You can also email us at